About me

Welcome to a plucky girl!

I am Geraldine and the face behind this online shop. I am from Mexico and have lived and worked in four different countries on three different continents for the last 20 years.

Today, Germany is my home. Here I live with my family.

On my journey I had the opportunity to meet wonderful and above all talented women. Women who pursue their dreams. Women who free themselves from constricting conventions and stand up for themselves in an often male-dominated world.

All these women, including me, have something in common: at some point, it was KLICK. We knew we needed to change something to break out of the hamster wheel, immaturity or unequal treatment and to realize our dreams.

For me, this moment of realization came after the birth of my first daughter. I saw that it was harder for me to go the way I had once chosen. I began to realize that I wanted to reorient myself. I wanted to shake off loads that I no longer liked and create something new that came from my heart. It was the beginning of a process that took shape after the birth of my second daughter. So in 2016, I decided to give up my career in the communications industry after almost fifteen years, to follow my long-planned heart project.

That's why a plucky girl is not just a platform for me to showcase and offer the work of talented and courageous women - with a plucky girl, I want to celebrate, support and give a voice to these women.

for a fair payment

for more self-determination

for more sustainability

Support these women with me and look at a plucky girl - courageous women that also produce for open-minded men.