"We shouldn’t, as a population of strong willed women, try and break through any kind of ‘glass ceiling’."

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I had the fortune to meet Kim back in 2009 almost when I first just arrived to Germany. It was a typical `Girl's movie night-out´, where several of us got together to watch the blockbuster of the time. Honestly, I don´t even recall what movie it was, or even, the whole crew we went with, but Kim, I definitely remember when I met her. She has this alluring, strong but yet super fun and open aura that just attracts you. You are automatically drawn to her and once she has you, oh my, she really has you. 

We both decided to become entrepreneurs around the same time, so it was just natural of me, to ask her to be featured in a plucky girl blog. Her words, her intelligence, is something I want to share with all of you. Because I know that just like me, you will love her. 



Kim Weller, Reiki Therapist, Personal Trainer, Life Coach, PR Specialist

Name: Kim Weller
Age: 44
Place of Origin: Detroit, Michigan
Place of current Residence: Ludwigsburg, Germany
Occupation: Certified Reiki Therapist, Personal Trainer, Life Coach, PR Specialist and Lifestyle Blogger
I am both simple and complex. I am like everyone, but uniquely me. The power of energy captivates me- I see beauty, hope and courage in people & places that others cannot see. I love people and cherish my time alone. As a mother I love my home yet have a constant urge to travel...because I firmly believe the only way we as individuals can evolve & cultivate a better understanding of ourselves and others, is through the world around us. I am both very practical and highly creative. I am friendly with many people but incredibly close with few. Those I love, I love fiercely.
What are strong work ethics for you?
There are so many definitions attached to the phrase, but for me, work ethics refer to how you ‘feel’ about your job or career- it covers your attitude and behavior. The level of respect I show those around me, and how I choose to communicate and interact with people, creates the foundation for which I base my own personal work ethic on. I passionatly believe honesty, integrity, humility, and accountability, among others, dictate how I and those around me, will react or perform when certain situations arise. How we respond to one another and/or situations ultimately reveals the kind of work ethics we as individuals value. It’s about respect.
Are you where you want to be?
Yes, I’m exactly where I am supposed to be, professionally, right here, right now. In general, when I find myself submerged into a conversation about Reiki (a type of healing therapy) I find the philosophy surrounded by misunderstandings. Intuition is challenging to define...regardless if we're ALL intuitive to one degree or another. The quick dismissal of our 'inner voice' often subsides with the fear in which we live. We have the need to control everything, and everything can get exhausting. As an intuitive myself, I consider my gift a blessing. Tuning into my 'energetic self' allowed me to finally understand something I knew nothing about- honing in on the 'why’ I knew or felt things before other people did'.
Intuitively, I knew I needed to learn more about my gift...what 'it' was, 'it's' purpose and and how to use 'it', but sometimes it takes that certain someone to nudge you along, to help you believe in your gifts. The study of Reiki completely altered my existence- it’s encouraged me to stop living in fear, and start owning it.
What have you accomplished/ learned thus far:
The most important experience I’ve learned thus far on my journey, is ’not everything is as it seems’. I have, no doubt, I found my purpose. It gives me so much joy to help people heal themselves through physical means, training sessions and/or through emotional means, when there’s a strong imbalance in their lives. My life’s journey, the wisdom I’ve gained from it, AND my intuitive gifts have always been, in one way or another, regardless of where I was during that point in time, always centered around healing…always!! I’ve resisted for a long time, what I’ve known to be true: I am a healer.
What does the future has in store for you? what accomplishments do you want to achieve?
I think for the longest time there’s been a stigma attached to any metaphysical type reference- things we can’t physically touch, feel or understand. The word itself creates a sense of fear in people and I hope to change that...through my entrepreneurial vision and site, ‘Inhabited Spaces’ I want people to start feeling again. We're living in an overtly hyped / sensationalized Instagram era of 'you can also be perfect and look like this, if you...' Unfortunately, we’re not made from the same mold physically and/or otherwise, nor can we afford to 'break the bank' in order to feel good about the way we look. What is important, however, is our role in society and how we value ourselves as individuals. It's time to start loving ourselves again, time to start cultivating mindfulness within ourselves and our kids through positive energy. It’s time to acknowledge OUR OWN THOUGHTS (yes we actually own them) without fear of being labeled or condemned for our personal views.
This mindset, of paying it forward, and being respectful of others idealisms, views, opinions, religions, races, beliefs, etc, is what led me to develop a series of online courses (COMING SOON) geared to stimulate self compassion & empathy.
Throughout the online course development process, which centers around a more ‘mindful approach’ to therapeutic techniques and mechanisms, I felt inspired to keep creating. Intuitively, I felt a desire to spread positive thoughts visually, which, in return, birthed my first line, the ‘Soul Brand Collection'. A collection of ideas, with powerful meanings, aimed to stimulate...because being a good person should never grow old, tired or trendy. My intent, with the line, is to energize people's souls through a mindful movement called the 'The Collective Unconscious', the ability to, unconsciously, build positive bridges at home, socially, at our places of business and with one another- without having to force, think or try so hard. It's surprising how a ‘non combative' 'non reactive’ response to situations gets easier with time. Kindness always breeds kindness and a healthy mindset always starts from the roots of what you put forth. I want people to aspire to be a 'force to be reckoned with,’ to HONESTLY acknowledge there’s a person INSIDE ALL OF US that’s capable of influencing what ‘can be’.
You have a long and accomplished professional career behind you, what made you take the move to become an entrepreneur? 
I’m a Sagittarius, lol, our breed can be incredibly restless. Looking back, anyone who came in contact with me felt the difference, I wasn’t like others. I always spoke my mind, voiced the truth, laughed ridiculously loud, and often, at my own expense.
Basically, there was no place for me or my voice in the domineering ‘MAN-infested’ world of Public Relations. I was not allowed to speak my truth about dishonesties, or calculated objectives that were purposely manifested to hurt others. I simply didn’t exist, I was, in the end, another casualty of the war against equality. We shouldn’t, as a population of strong willed women, try and break through any kind of ‘glass ceiling’. We should be creating our own happiness, through intellect and should be rewarded for that, not demeaned. Simply put, I knew there was something more I was meant to do. My path was never easy and it took me awhile to hear my own inner voice and learn my purpose, but my path was easier to walk along, by omitting the pessimistic power players whom rule the corporate compass. I honestly believe you can still be successful person by being a good one.


If you want to know more about what moves Kim, what her thoughts and view are and follow her, you can do so by learning more in her website www.inhabitedspaces.com

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