"We have to give children the future, not the end"

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Meet Mathilda Almer, a textile designer with a master's degree in Fine Arts from Sweden and the pen behind Mathilda Almer Designs and the beautiful scandinavian children's illustrations you can find in our site. 

Mathila Almer from Mathilda Almer Designs

Name: Mathilda Almer

Age: 38

Place of origin: Sweden

Place current residence: Stockholm

Occupation: Designer at my own company – Mathilda Almer AB (mathilda almer design)

Background: Textile designer with a Master degree in Fine ArtsKonstfack/Stockholm. I'm from the south of Sweden but I moved to Stockholm to study. I now live with my family (husband and two daughters) in Stockholm's archipelago, in the old ceramic town Gustavsberg.

Passion: Textile, chrochet, sewing, drawing, gardening and make crafts with my kids.

1. How and from where is Mathilda Almer Design born?
I'm from the south of Sweden. From a very small village by the sea, called Magnarp. Quite near Denmark!

2. Why did you decided to focus on illustrations and toys?
I'm a textile designer and I have been drawing and working with textile all my life. My grandmother taught me everything about textiles when I was a kid. My biggest inspiration are my kids and my designs are playful and well received by kids (and the playful adult, of course) and are perfect to decorate children's bedrooms. What I like about illustrations, is that you can easily change a whole room just with a picture.

3. What are strong work ethics for you?
Eco-friendly material and work towards a sustainable environment. We have to give the children the future, not an end.

4. Did you always wanted to be where you currently are?
YES! Im living my dream right now!

5. What do you think has been the most important thing you have accomplished so far?
To start my own company!

6. What do you think it will be the most important thing you will accomplish in the future?
For me personally, it will be to see my company grow.

 7. What advice would you give to your 16 year old self?
Follow your dream. Everything will work out great. It's never to late to do what you really want to do and sometimes it's not the best way to go the highway. It can be the best to take some bumpy longer roads too.

8. How does a perfect day look like to you?
When my creativity is on top and I get some new ideas for illustrations and products. Spending time with my kids. Have time to do some small gardening work in my little patio. And have time to finish my morning coffee… (the last one is not easy when you have small kids)

Click to visit Mathilda's website!

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