The fitness enthusiast who has traveled around the world as a performing artist and now wants to help people with her knowledge.

When you meet Tatiana you notice right away the high level of discipline and ethic she has and lives for. But at the same time, the more you get to know her, the more you see what a warm and kind person is, who puts her family above anything else.

Tatiana has a long established and successful career as a performing artist in several of the most renown shows from the Roncalli Circus. As a professionally trained athlete and gymnast, Tatiana knows how to take care of yourself and how to nourish your body best and one day, 10 years ago, she decided to share her knowledge and passion for fitness and wellbeing and opened, together with her husband, a personal training studio in Düsseldorf.


There, she gives personal training lessons spezialised for each one of her client with either vibration, EMS or your old-school but very effective condition-training. After building herself a name in the business, she has now decided to take another step within her vision of helping people achieve their fitness goals and she recently created and launched a new food supplement in the form of a biscuit-bar, that promises to give you all the nutrients your body needs a day and without the need to eat anything extra. Too good to be true? Tatiana can explain us more.




Name: Tatiana Ungeheuer, Artistic name: Tatiana Koval

Born in: Rusia

But home is: Düsseldorf

Occupation: Artist, Entrepreneur and Manager of her own Fitness studio My-Beauty Fit.


What is ethic for you?

Good work, passion and discipline in what you do, reliability and truthfulness towards you and towards all the other people around you.


Why did you decided to open up your own fitness studio?

I had a long career in the performing arts and once the kids came, it slowly became clear that we needed to have a more solid and stable place to live. When children are small, they don’t mind following you around wherever you need to go, but once they reach a certain age, all they want is more stability - of school, of friends - and since I have always been passionate about fitness and sport, I decided that the best way to share the knowledge I have is by helping people achieve their fitness and weight goals via an own fitness studio.


How were My-Beauty Fit biscuits born?

Whenever I Talk to my clients it is always the same. The challenge of eating healthy and balanced when you don’t have much time or are always on the go. Even in my family sometimes we have that issue with my children, when they move between school and the trainings they have. So, talking with a partner of ours, we decided to create our own biscuit while making sure that it would fulfil the dietary needs of an adult for a day.

With 12 biscuits a day, you cover all of your dietary needs for the day with a caloric intake of only 1545 Calories. It is very important that you drink one big glass of water with each biscuit and that you do not combine any other foods with them. The biscuits themselves are like a meal.

For whom are these Biscuits?

For everyone who is looking for a healthy and balanced way to loose fat or simply for anyone who is always on the go, has little time and is tired of always recurring to fast food or easy fill-ups to cover those hunger attacks.


And what is different in these biscuits in comparison to other products in the market?

They are in fact, no supplements. A one day portion of biscuits can be substitute to your three meals a day, and you still will get all the nutrients your body needs by only consuming 1545 Kcal.


What kind of results can we expect with the biscuits?

When you are really consistent and discipline, you can loose approx. 2-3 kilos a Week.

What has been the most important thing you have accomplished so far?

My family.


And what is the most important thing you would like to accomplish in the future?

I would love to open several My-BeautyFit studios.


What is a perfect day for you?

Me with my family in the forest. Before I used to like the city life a lot, but now, I truly appreciate the kindness of nature and how much it energies you to be surrounded by it. So yes, take me hiking in the forest and I will be the happiest.

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