Meet the activist for women´s rights in marginal areas in Mexico and her continuous social work.

Marian is what we can call, a true born feminist or a natural female warrior but in the modern sense. Being born in one of the most impoverished states in Mexico, she used her good raising to continuously fight for the rights of women, animals and gender-neutral topics. Mom of a little girl, it lies in Marian´s heart to reach equal rights for both men and women, not only in Mexico, but everywhere… though you need to start from somewhere.


Name: Marian Vazquez González

Age: 35

Place of origin: Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas México.

Place current residence: Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas.

Occupation: Fashion Designer, Marketing Professional, Lawyer and promoter of the female gender and defender of animal rights.


A bit about Marian:


I am mom to a beautiful 5 year old daughter, owner of two dogs and two cats, proudly Mexican, specifically from Chiapas  and since very little, worried with the social events in my state and country. Hence, whenever I do something, I make it with the aim to make a favorable change in my city, state and country. I studied in Monterrey, Mexico Fashion Design and Marketing and when I returned to Chiapas, I realised that there were many social needs far away from the fashion world. The year was 2008 and then I decided to study Law and focus on animal rights, aimed to both wild and domestic (pets) animals. I also got interested in the inclusion of the female workforce in public positions, beyond from the private ones.


By 2010, I became a member of the parliament in my state and I proposed a law focused on the protection of domestic animals in Chiapas and I started to support and be a promoter of animal rights. Not even two years after that, I was called in from the central government of the state and that is where I started to work on women’s rights. I was the municipal secretary of the woman for almost three years, helping many women living in extreme poverty, covering topics such as : sexual and reproductive rights, sexual violence, child sexual violence, violence towards women within the family and many other related topics.


By 2016  I was invited by the Universidad Autonoma UNACH to be a professor in indigenous communities  in San Juan Chamuka (Tentik and Castishtik). On that same year, I was invited to collaborate as consultant in the bordering municipality of Tapachula, with female related topics but with a different focus, until end of 2017.


Thanks to the various opportunities to work in different areas of Chiapas, I started to nurture the need to write and gather all those thoughts gained through my experience, until I finished my first book: Feminine fill (Hartazgo femenino).


What is your passion?

To work in indigenous communities, to change lives through my work.


Did you always wanted to be where you currently are?

Yes, although my dream is not completed yet, since I would like to be member of parliament in order to really create laws that will benefit the women and girls of Chiapas.


What do you think has been the most important thing you have accomplished so far?

Three things which I feel have made a significant change in the society in Chiapas: 1) the law for the protection of domestic animals in Chiapas; thanks to it, we have made a wave of change towards respect and love for life. 2) The second a paper I started but was finished by another wonderful woman, which lead to the regulation of sexual harassment in the street in the municipality of Tuxtla Gutierrez. And 3) none the less, my book Feminine fill.


What do you think it will be the most important thing you will accomplish in the future?

To see my daughter happy, fulfilled and free, in a world with the same opportunities for both women and men.


Which has been the most recurrent challenge you have had to deal with as an entrepreneur / author?

Unfortunately, in Mexico it is still the case that just because you are a woman, people don’t value your work the same. When I started my political career, my husband and I decided to get pregnant with my daughter and my superiors decided to freeze my career until my daughter was 7 months old. It is basically an everyday challenge to keep demonstrating my skills and what I can do.


How do you manage all the projects you have on your plate?

Nowadays you need to be able to do everything in Mexico to succeed. Thanks to the fact that I have three degrees, I can work in each one of them without any problem. Mornings I focus on one of them, in the afternoon on the other and during the weekends on the last one. Making sure of course, to keep enough free time for my daughter.


Why is female empowerment so important for you and why do you think it is about time everyone talks about it?

I believe that women are always demonstrating that by far we are much more competent than men to work in the public eye. Personally, what frustrates me the most is to know that men are still dominating on women´s lives. In order to make a change, we need to nurture this change from home, with a gender neutral education to empower girls and to make them strong, happy and full, letting them know they can say NO whenever they feel they are in danger or vulnerable.


What do you want your little girl to know so she can use it when she is an adult?


She and all other little girls everywhere need to know and enforce their human rights. They need to learn that happiness does not depend on a partner, no matter what their sexual orientation may be and that above all, she needs to be free and happy.


How does a perfect day look like to you?

When I make waffles with my daughter or when we travel together. Those are the moments I wish lasted forever.


You can learn more about Marian Vazquez by following her in social media. She also receives any inquiries via email at mvazquez_glez@hotmail.com



Marian Vazq

Marian Vázquez





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