Malte Taller: Unique Creations from pre-Hispanic traditions

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The peltre is one of the most used materials in Mexico since ancient times and is the result of an alloy of various metals. It has hardness and great resistance to abrasion. It is very easy to clean and store and it is extremely hygienic, making make it one of the best materials for cooking. The Mexican company Malte Taller is converting these classic products into fun and original objects. Based on graphic design they create innovative and contemporary products with handmade touches that reflect the essence of Mexico. 

Deni Correa y Zzabi Olaria Agis, are the responsible behind the brand.


Deni Correa, 27 years old. She is an enamel artist trained at the National Fine Arts Institute of Mexico (INBA). She has spent several years experimenting with enamel in different surfaces until she ran into pewter. Now she continues to experiment with textures, temperatures and enjoying the wonders that all this produce.  

Deni Correa, Esmaltista de Malte Taller


Zzabi Olaria Agis, 29 years old. She has done several things in the past but now mainly focuses in graphic design and she loves to capture images in all kind of things, exploring the more personal side of these images so they can be transmitted in the different pieces they showcase.

Olaria Agis, Disenadora Grafica



What does Malte Taller mean?

It is in fact a word game: Malte is part of the word “esmalte” (enamel), because of the technique of enamel in metal and “Taller” (workshop) referring to our working space.


How did you come up with the idea of creating Malte Taller?

We are siblings and when we both finished university we got together in Mexico City in order to explore different projects until we decided to create Malte Taller, where we bring together everything that we both like, enamelware from one side and design from the other. We first started experimenting with handmade drawings and enamel in different surfaces and temperatures. We later evolutionized to graphics and printed drawings on traditional pewter, giving us as a result useful but original tableware pieces.

But our vision has always been that each one of our pieces be used by people, that they take them with them out for a picnic and that they become a must in the kitchen, that they give them as a gift, share them with friends and family. That is why we do what we do and we love sharing our work with our customers.

How do you decide what pieces to create?

We have several collections and each one of them is very different from the other. We also do personalized pieces and designs and collaborate with other artists. Our inspiration comes from our heritage, or an experience or just something fun.

For example, we have a collection that takes iconic pre-hispanic patterns, which are a strong source of inspiration for Mexican design. In this collection we have spoons and espresso mugs, perfect for tequila, mezcal or coffee.

Espresso cup


We also have a collection with star constellations and the moon, resulting from the insinuation to the space provoked by traditional black enamelware with white spots.

And one of our popular collections is the one with ants, which came out of a sarcastic idea of a picnic day, you know, with ants and all.

Enamelware coffee mug


You can find Malte Taller products in our Tableware section in our shop and you can learn more about their work by visiting their website www.maltetaller.com


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